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Upcoming movies and locations

The Gate House Theatre is preparing for another exciting season of drive-in movies.  We expect to start up in mid-march weather permitting.   This year we will be trying to obtain sponsorships from our local business leaders to allow us to present each drive-in event free to the public.   With the removal of some covid restrictions, we are no longer limited to 50 cars, and movie-goers are no longer required to remain in their vehicles.  This will allow movie fans to simply bring a lawn chair and a blanket if they prefer.

Drive in Movies

Like many businesses, Covid-19 disrupted our typical operations. However, there was silver lining to be found. Due to the disruptions grants developed (quickly) to allow small businesses a chance to pivot slightly to keep operations going. Thankfully we received one of these grants from Coastal Economic Trust. Through this grant and the generous support of local businessman Aaron Gabrysh and other donations/contributions from the community, we were able to purchase an outdoor movie projector, screen and an FM transmitter for sound. 

The North Island now has it very own drive-in movie theatre! 

September 2020 was the first appearance of the theatre. It was set up at the Hyde Creek Petro Can. Making it convenient for movie watchers to go and grab a popcorn or any treat before the movie started. However, we are now looking to expand our locations and attend to all surrounding communities. 

The Drive-in movie theatre currently operates from March to October. 

October 14th - 7:30 PM or dark enough to start
THE PRINCESS BRIDE - sponsored - free 


If you are interested in helping to bring a drive-in movie to your community, please contact us

If you might be interested in being one of this year's sponsors, we would be delighted to hear from you.  Each sponsor's logo will be proudly presented before each movie showing, and the Gate House is happy to create a small promotional video clip to be shown prior to the start of the movie.

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