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Gate House Live Theatre

Scroll down to see what live theatre performances we have in store for you this season! We also have an after-school drama program that holds productions be sure to check our that page for updates! 

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November 3rd - 8 PM

PIER 21 

In the late summer of 1939, refugees and immigrants are fleeing Europe to East Coast Canada. Soon, Pier 21 will launch half a million soldiers on their way to fight Nazi Germany. As CBC broadcasts morale-boosting programs to troops, soldiers overseas meet their future brides. After the war the Pier welcomes War Brides, wounded soldiers, and anew generation of immigrants and displaced people fleeing the devastation left behind.

This original musical by Allen des Noyers features Celtic/Swing era music and dancing performed by a cast of 3 playing 16 characters and five instruments.  Seen by over 150,000 people, Pier 21 has toured over 200 performances from Halifax to Victoria.

Heading 2

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June 22nd - 7:30 PM


BODY PARTS is a solo performance by veteran artist Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg in which she tries to perform her show but gets comically side-tracked by her own body issues. Something has gone terribly wrong! Part stand-up comedy, part Greek tragedy, part performance art, part contemporary dance, this solo is the result of the ever-changing nature of creating art during a
global pandemic and our inability to talk about our bodies.

A rich and irreverent examination of our complicated relationships with body image. Part stand-up comedy, part kinetic gesture and dance. A show about the show that never actually starts….or does it? Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg leads us through a heartbreaking personal landscape of body dysmorphia, disordered eating, self-loathing with biting comedy, insightful and absurd social commentary, and transformation through the power of the body and direct address commentary. 

Not suitable for kids under 13 years.

Calling all actors, directors, stage hands, script-writers, make-up artists, carpenters, set-designers, prop-makers, or any lovers-of-theatre on the North Island. We would LOVE to have you involved in our live community theatre productions. Click below if you're interested in joining the family.

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