2020 Here We Come!

The Christmas tree is down, decorations put away, New Year's celebrations recycled and now we face the winter storm season.

Okay! Let's go! 2020 here we come!

First and foremost Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for the support, volunteer hours, ticket and concession sales, rentals and all the encouragement Gate House Theatre received last year. And what a year it was!

We started with a Kickstarter Campaign that raised over $5000.00 for our renovation project. What started off as replacing the seats and refurbishing the house was added to by winning an Accessibility Grant from the Government of Canada with the participation of one of our own Drama Students, Taryn Walker. And as we visioned and dreamed of what an amazing professional performance space would look like we dove in with many hands to try and get it as close as we could afford.

We're pretty proud of the progress so far. And it's because of you, our partners, members, and supporters.

As this year unfolds we're looking forward to finishing some renovations and fundraise for new sound and lighting systems. We have some amazing performances coming your way and we continue to try and bring you movies fresh off the main theatrical run.

Stay tuned, keep sending your suggestion (but don't be surprised if you're asked to spearhead it!) and let's make 2020 truly Gate House Theatres best year yet.

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