Here We Go Again

Disney is usually pretty good when it comes to giving 2nd run release dates. But not this time. Even now, with a DVD release date of March 31st, and the ability to buy it from iTunes or Optik TV, we CANNOT show Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker at the theatre.

It's frustrating.

You've been asking for this movie since December. I promised we would show it as soon as possible. Well it looks like April 3rd and 4th is the earliest weekend we can show it.

I hope you still come out.

I hope we can still show movies to the public.

The world is a little crazy right now with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately we have had 2 live bands cancelled. And Missoula Children's Theatre had to cancel their trip here as well.

We have no local cases reported. Our schools are still set to re-open March 30. So we will continue to be open unless directed to close.

Be safe. Be kind to each other. And see you at the movies.

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