Looking to Re-Open July 10th

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British Columbia has moved into Phase 3 in our response to Covid-19. Gate House Theatre is looking at re-opening for movies on July 10th. But we need your help.

The forced closure of our space has had devastating results. We simply don't have the money to pay staff at this time. And we have a looming insurance bill due .

So we're looking for volunteers.

Everyone working will be required to wear a mask, and, if serving food, gloves. We will also be staying 2m apart.

Families who live together may sit together, however, everyone else will need to be 2 m apart. No more than 50 people can be in the theatre at a time. But that. number may be closer to 30 due to the proximity of the seats.

If you can volunteer please email Terry at

Re-opening is dependant on your support.

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