Our Popcorn Machine Died!

So it finally happened. It's been almost as long as a Shakespearean death scene but the old popcorn maker we so gratefully inherited with the theatre finally died.

If you've ever been to a busy movie at Gate House Theatre you've probably experienced "I'm sorry but we need to let the popcorn machine cool down. Come back in 10 minutes." scenario. So this death may not come as a surprise to you.

We've found a few options for commercial grade machines in Canada. The cost will be somewhere between $1500-2000 by the time the dust settles and it's in our building..

The Donation Box is always on our counter. But if you would like to donate toward our popcorn machine and receive a tax receipt you can send checks to Box 70 Port McNeill, BC V0N2R0 or give your gift to one of our board members.

We are truly grateful for any and all donations.

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