So many grants and so little time!

We are so excited to announce we won a grant! Thanks to Gord and Cheryl and the rest of the board members who worked on it. And to the businesses, individuals, and officials who submitted letters of support.

Our tech department is getting a much needed boost into the 21 century.

Now comes the part where I tell you the grant is only covering 50% so you know what that means.....(drum roll)

We have to raise the other 50%!

Meanwhile we have already applied for a grant to help us improve the quality and variety of our concession. Thanks again to Cheryl and everyone who helped and submitted letters and videos of support. Our fingers are crossed.

Nex up - The Community Gaming Grant. This one is open now until April specifically to support programs. We're hoping to get some much needed help to enhance our After School Drama programs and our Gate House Players performances.

Tis the season of grant writing. There's always another one on the horizon.

If anyone has experience in writing the Gaming Grant we would much appreciate any help you can give us.

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